Welcome to Inside RHIC

Welcome to the first issue of "Inside RHIC" here at the beginning of the second decade of RHIC experiments. This publication is the successor to "RHIC News," and builds on the success of the 48 issues that began as an experiment with the first issue on March 16, 2007. The excellent articles and large readership highlighted RHIC accomplishments, and we hope that "Inside RHIC" will continue that tradition. In addition to a beautiful facelift inside and out by John Galvin and Gary Schroeder, we have some new features planned, most notably a rolling publication date so that articles are published in a more timely way.

We still depend mainly on the scientists and engineers to write articles that clearly explain the work going on at RHIC — we strive to publish articles understandable to the broad community of RHIC experiments and we can't do that without you, so please consider telling us the story of your work.

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