Governor Hochul Launches $100 Million Investment in Brookhaven National Lab for Transformative Electron-Ion Collider Project

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New York Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado (Kevin Coughlin/Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Editor's note: The following news release was originally issued by New York State Governor Kathy Hochul's office.

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced that Empire State Development has executed a $100 million Grant Disbursement Agreement for the transformative Electron-Ion Collider project at Brookhaven National Laboratory. The agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy marks a major milestone toward bringing the world’s only next-generation EIC to Long Island and launches New York State’s investment in a one-of-a-kind effort to support breakthroughs in energy, science, technology, and medicine.

"With this $100 million state investment, we are one step closer to bringing this transformative, one-of-a-kind technology to New York State,” Governor Hochul said. "Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Electron-Ion Collider will expand our state’s capability to achieve unimaginable breakthroughs in science, attract innovative 21st century businesses, and create good-paying jobs. I thank the Biden administration, New York’s congressional delegation, and Brookhaven for their partnership to transform our state into a global hub for innovation.”

"For nearly eight decades, Brookhaven National Laboratory has produced groundbreaking research that has shaped the global scientific view," said Lieutenant Governor Delgado. "Today's historic Electron-Ion Collider announcement will continue New York's strong legacy as a leader in innovation and will provide boundless opportunities for New Yorkers and those around the world."

United States Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm said, "The National Labs are national treasures — critical to maintaining our global leadership in science, and economic anchors for their surrounding communities. The Electron-Ion Collider is a quintessential lab project, opening new vistas for scientific discovery, and in the process hiring hundreds of Long Island union workers to build the collider. I am grateful to Governor Hochul along with Senators Schumer and Gillibrand for their leadership on this game-changing initiative.”

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U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm (Kevin Coughlin/Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Brookhaven Lab was selected by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) as the site of the world’s only next-generation polarized Electron-Ion Collider. Following negotiations between Empire State Development and DOE, the State's $100 million investment was finalized in February 2024. Over the next four years, these funds will support the design, construction, and hardware infrastructure installation of the initial four buildings out of a potential 14 that are a part of the EIC project. While the state's portion is expected to be complete by 2027 the overall construction is expected to continue until 2033. The scientific and technical components of EIC and its science program will be funded by the federal government through the DOE Office of Science, Office of Nuclear Physics.

Empire State Development President CEO and Commissioner Hope Knight said, "The Electron-Ion Collider exemplifies the profound impact of strategic investments in groundbreaking research and development. Through our partnership with federal agencies, we are pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge while solidifying New York's status as a worldwide innovation leader. This transformative project will serve as a magnet for top talent, catalyze economic growth, and pave the way for revolutionary technologies that will define our future."

Empire State Development Board Chairman Kevin Law said, "Today, we celebrate a milestone that underscores New York's leadership in cutting-edge scientific research and its commitment to fostering a thriving innovation ecosystem. The Electron-Ion Collider project at Brookhaven National Laboratory represents a bold step forward, one that will undoubtedly yield groundbreaking discoveries and drive economic prosperity for our state. By investing in this visionary endeavor, we are not only advancing the frontiers of knowledge but also creating a lasting legacy of scientific excellence that will inspire generations to come."

Brookhaven Lab Director JoAnne Hewett said, “NY State’s funding commitment will support key infrastructure that is essential to the success of the EIC project. It will provide the resources needed to partner with local companies on conventional construction, materials, and equipment on an optimum schedule. It will also support high-quality jobs both within the Lab and across the region. The entire Lab and EIC project team look forward to demonstrating the value of this discovery machine to NY State, DOE, and the world.”

Established in 1947 and overseen by DOE, Brookhaven National Laboratory is a multidisciplinary facility that works to address the nation’s energy, environmental, and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions. The $1.7-$2.8 billion EIC, to be constructed over the next decade by scientists, engineers, and technical staff from Brookhaven Lab — in partnership with Virginia’s Jefferson Lab — and other institutions from throughout the United States and around the world, will offer groundbreaking insights into the structure and behavior of atomic particles. This particle collider is unique as it will be the only electron-nucleus collider operating globally, designed to allow scientists to produce precision 3-D snapshots of the particles' internal structures, similar to how a CT scanner works but on an atomic level. The EIC is expected to have broad-ranging impacts beyond nuclear physics, impacting health, medicine, national security, and industrial applications with its advanced particle beam technology.

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer said, “Since my first day in the Senate I have been a steadfast supporter of Brookhaven National Lab, securing billions of dollars in funding over the years for groundbreaking projects and research. I worked tirelessly with the BNL team to secure the construction of the world’s first Electron Ion Collider at the Lab, a $2.8 billion project that will keep the United States, and Long Island, at the forefront of scientific discovery and unlocking the secrets of the universe. This project will create thousands of union construction jobs, juice Long Island’s economy, bring scientists the world over to New York, and unleash new technologies that we cannot even begin to imagine. I applaud Governor Kathy Hochul and New York State for their commitment of these much-needed funds to enhance infrastructure critical to the EIC’s construction and success, and look forward to working with her, Lab Director Dr. JoAnne Hewett, DOE Secretary Granholm and the Biden administration to bring this project to fruition.”

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand said, “This $100 million is an important investment in the EIC project and will ensure Long Island can lead the world in breakthroughs in energy, science, technology, and medicine. Brookhaven National Laboratory is an incredible asset for New York and the nation that draws scientists from around the world to conduct cutting-edge research and creates thousands of local jobs for the Long Island economy. I am proud to see this critical investment being made to advance the EIC project and I will continue to fight so BNL has the necessary resources to thrive.”

State Senator Monica Martinez said, “New York State’s $100 million investment at Brookhaven National Lab will accelerate scientific discovery and energize Long Island’s economic future. Through New York’s support of Brookhaven’s Electron-Ion Collider project, our state and this region will be at the forefront of research that will guide the next stage of human discovery and tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges. I thank Governor Hochul for recognizing the importance of this project in positioning New York State at the forefront of the 21st-century economy.”

State Senator Dean Murray said, "There's a big difference between "spending" money and "investing" money. I commend Governor Hochul for recognizing the importance of investing in the groundbreaking Electron-Ion Collider project at Brookhaven National Lab in the 3rd Senate District. In addition to the technological breakthroughs that the EIC project will bring in energy, science, medicine, etc., the project will also result in the creation of thousands of jobs."

Assemblymember Jodi Giglio said, “Brookhaven National Lab is the center of scientific development on Long Island, and our investment in the Electron Ion Collider (EIC) will ensure that BNL remains at the forefront of nuclear physics research in both the United States, and the world. Funding the EIC is literally investing in our future. It will expand US leadership in scientific fields that are critical to our nation’s success, advancing both known and yet-to-be-invented sciences that will power the technologies of tomorrow. The EIC will attract the best and brightest minds to Brookhaven National Labs and inspire the next generation of scientists to unlock the deepest secrets of our universe. I know that the science we support today will trigger benefits for our society tomorrow, benefits that will impact medicine, human health, energy, and national security. Securing BNL’s place in the world is securing our future, and I am proud to support this funding, and the lab it promotes.”

Suffolk County Executive Ed Romaine said, “With these investments by New York State and the Federal Government, Suffolk County remains world-renowned for its contributions to the history of science and technology. Thank you to Governor Hochul for her assistance in securing this funding and we look forward to the day when the new collider is completed.”

Brookhaven Town Supervisor Dan Panico said, “Brookhaven National Laboratory and the pioneering work done there is of tremendous value to our town, our state, our country and our world. The research and breakthroughs achieved will advance our society, help our world and help unlock the mysteries of our universe. I commend the Governor on this worthwhile and significant investment in science.”

President of the Nassau Suffolk Building Trades Matty Aracich said, “A tremendous thank you to Governor Hochul, for providing the seed money for the next phase of the Electron Ion Collider Complex at Brookhaven National Lab on Long Island. This project, championed by US Senator, Chuck Schumer and Governor, Kathy Hochul enables New York to remain a magnet, attracting the best and brightest minds. Long Island’s next-generation EIC will create thousands of rewarding careers for Long Island’s skilled workforce in the Building and Construction Trades and will draw on expertise from those in the DOE complex, at neighboring universities and laboratories around the world. However, this project does much more than draw people to the region with the promise of rewarding careers. It is the pebble tossed into a pond whose ripples reach far beyond its initial splash, bringing advancements in essential research and breakthrough technology once thought to be impossible.”

New York State has been instrumental in enhancing Brookhaven National Laboratory's scientific capabilities by investing in innovative research infrastructure across various fields, including through initiatives such as the Long Island STEM Hub, the Laboratory for Biomolecular Structure, the High Energy Engineering X-ray Scattering beamline at the Lab’s National Synchrotron Light Source II, and the establishment of Discovery Park. With a robust workforce of over 2,900 full-time employees and an annual influx of more than 5,000 visiting researchers from various sectors, Brookhaven National Laboratory pushes the boundaries of scientific knowledge. Through these strategic investments, New York State positions itself at the forefront of scientific advancement, serving as a beacon for top talent and groundbreaking discoveries that will shape the future of scientific research and technological innovation.

Governor Hochul’s commitment to the EIC project at Brookhaven National Laboratory builds on her agenda to drive innovation across New York State to attract major employers and create good-paying, 21st century jobs. Governor Hochul signed New York’s historic Green CHIPS legislation to drive semiconductor research, development, and manufacturing in New York State and announced a $10 billion partnership to bring next-generation chips research to NY CREATES’ Albany NanoTech Complex. The Governor has continued to advance a $620 million Life Science Initiative to support innovation in biomedical research. And through strategic investments like the $113.7 million Battery-NY initiative, Governor Hochul has fueled the growth of the sustainability, green technology, and energy storage economies in New York State.


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