Computing Facility Expansion Underway

The Lab is beginning construction on a crucial expansion of the Brookhaven Computing Facility, or BCF, which is located in the Information Technology Division's Bldg. 515. The BCF is the home of the Lab's largest concentration of scientific computers.

It houses the New York Center for Computational Sciences' New York Blue supercomputer, the RHIC/ATLAS Computing Facility, the DOE and RIKEN-BNL Research Centers two QCDOC supercomputers, and systems for the Center for Functional Nanomaterials and DOE's Atmospheric Radiation Measurement program. It also houses BNL's general-purpose scientific computing cluster, and the systems at the heart of the Lab computer network. The rapid growth of these programs over the last five years has exhausted nearly all of the 13,700 square feet of space available in the BCF.

In the photos below, workers are seen pouring the concrete footings in the excavated basement area.

computing facility expansion
computing facility expansion

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