Newsday on Friday, 6/30: Special Section on Brookhaven Lab

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Flip through the pages of this special feature. Can you find all the hidden pictures on pages 6 and 7?

Newsday will feature a special insert on Friday, June 30, showcasing Brookhaven Lab, 70 years of discovery, and a century of service—check it out!

Can you, your family, and friends find all the hidden pictures on pages 6 and 7?

And see if you can answer the questions in the Discovery Science Quiz on the back page. The answers can be found throughout the 12-page piece, which features world-leading science at the Laboratory today as well as history from Camp Upton and the birthplace of "God Bless America" to seven Nobel Prize-winning discoveries and countless other advances—powered by more than 26,000 scientists, engineers, support staff at the Laboratory over the years, plus many collaborators and students from across the country and around the world.

This piece in Newsday also includes a conversation about discovery science with Lab Director Doon Gibbs, highlights of some of our world-class research facilities and educational opportunities, an invitation to Summer Sundays, and photos of a few familiar faces.

This piece was published as part of celebrations for Brookhaven Lab's two milestone anniversaries in 2017: 70 years since the Laboratory's founding in 1947 and a century since the 1917 founding of Camp Upton, the former U.S. Army base where the Lab operates today.

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