Big Bang Pop — Wow!

The Lab's Music Club raised $5,000 for hurricane relief at their Big Bang Pop Music Festival.

Hurricane Relief 2017

On Friday, Oct. 13, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory hosted a “Big Bang Pop Festival” that raised nearly $5,000 for hurricane relief.

The event was hosted by the Lab’s BERA (Brookhaven Employee Recreation Association) Music Club in partnership with other BERA clubs, including the Brookhaven Veterans Association, the African-American Affinity Group, and the Maker’s Club, a group of hobbyists and artisans, who exhibited their crafts. The Asian American Pacific Association offered henna tattoos and the Cycletrons (motorcycle club) promoted motorcycle safety. Brookhaven Women in Science also helped coordinate the event and were there to promote science and engineering careers for women. Several BERA clubs also made donations to the hurricane relief fund.

As the evening began, more than 300 people gathered to enjoy refreshments in the lobby of Berkner before moving in to the auditorium where classic rock favorites and country songs harmoniously blended from guitars, drums, keyboards, tambourines, a harmonica, and a saxophone. A slideshow of images highlighting the Laboratory, as well as iconic images of the 1960s, added to the cheerful vibe that brought smiles to the faces of those in the audience. By the end of the last set there was a dancing crowd in front of the stage.

“The entire night was absolutely incredible,” said David Manning, Director of the Lab’s Stakeholder Relations Office, who stayed at the show until the last note was played. “The talent, the comradery, and upbeat atmosphere were perfect. The funds raised for hurricane relief is a testament to the employees who coordinated the event and to those who came out to support those efforts. I applaud everyone involved for a job well done and a wonderful evening of music.”

Funds from the event will be allocated specifically for hurricane relief through United Way of Long Island.

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