Meet the 2019 Brookhaven Award Recipients

Brookhaven Awards are given to recognize key contributors in support functions whose performance and achievements represent outstanding service to the Laboratory. The 2019 Brookhaven Award recipients are:

Michael “Mike” Bebon, National Synchrotron Light Source II

Michael “Mike” Bebon is a recognized leader for operational excellence not only at Brookhaven Lab, but outside of our gates. Letters of recommendation from Brookhaven colleagues, as well as counterparts from Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, tell the story of an extraordinary leader who mentors others to help them achieve successful careers by sharing his “can-do” mindset and champion attitude. Some even call it the “School of Bebon.”

During his 39 years at the Lab, Bebon transitioned from manager of Plant Engineering to Deputy Director of Operations. In 2013, he took on a new role as start-up manager to oversee the commissioning of the National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II), where he had a crucial role in the NSLS-II startup and the transition to operations. Throughout his career, Bebon has taken the time to coach and mentor dozens of people at the Lab, many of whom went on to senior positions here and elsewhere. These people are amongst the most important legacies of his very successful career. In addition, Bebon demonstrates support for veterans, cultural awareness and diversity, and the United Way campaign.

Bebon personifies the example of a true leader and outstanding mentor.

Linda Bowerman, Environment, Biology, Nuclear Science & Nonproliferation Directorate

Linda Bowerman has dedicated her career to developing and implementing guidelines and processes that help keep all employees, users, and visitors safe. Since arriving at Brookhaven Lab 28 years ago, she has been a key leader in experimental safety reviews, material handling and industrial hygiene reviews, and improvement to the institutional facility risk assessment, just to name a few of her accomplishments. She is recognized as a safety professional throughout the DOE complex and is often asked to participate in benchmarking activities.

Bowerman fosters a safe and healthy workplace with her strategic mindset, solution-oriented attitude, and open communication style, making her an invaluable resource for the Laboratory.

In addition to her role as a research operations manager, Bowerman is dedicated to mentoring students and is an active member of Brookhaven Women in Science.

Bowerman exemplifies the best characteristics of the Laboratory by her extraordinary commitment in developing and promoting a healthy and safe working environment for everyone.

Peter Ingrassia, Collider-Accelerator Department

Peter Ingrassia has been a driving force for more than 30 years as head of the Collider-Accelerator Department’s (C-AD) Main Control Room.

Ingrassia has designed and continuously improved procedures that ensure the safe and efficient operation of the Lab’s ever-expanding suite of particle and heavy ion accelerators. These include the Alternating Gradient Synchrotron, Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, Brookhaven Linac Isotope Producer, NASA Space Radiation Laboratory, beam injectors, transport lines, cooling systems, and more—all requiring 24/7 operations and staffing.

To meet these needs, Ingrassia led the effort to define and build the Main Control Room’s organizational structure. He initiated and developed numerous strategies to coordinate between the operations group and many support groups needed to ensure the availability of the accelerators—essential to the scientific output of these facilities.

The secrets to Ingrassia’s success include high standards, clear communication, and detailed tracking of performance. He also has an outstanding track record for hiring, training, and supervising diverse teams, and providing professional development opportunities. His operator training and succession-planning program has served not just C-AD but also the National Synchrotron Light Source II and other laboratories around the world.

Ron Prwivo Jr., Waste Management Division, Environmental Protection Division

Since 1996 when he joined the Brookhaven staff, Ron Prwivo Jr. has been helping the Lab pursue its mission, focusing on projects and programs that require rigorous adherence to standards. Initially hired as a technician for work on electrical and mechanical systems for the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, Prwivo has distinguished himself in every role he’s held.

In 1999 Prwivo joined the Waste Management Program, and quickly demonstrated expertise and a commitment to constant learning. He’s now responsible for all waste operations, packaging and transportation of radioactive material shipments, and the Chemical Management Program. He deploys all the traits of a top-tier manager and subject matter expert: excellent customer service, strong problem solving, strategic thinking, effective relationship management, and a focus on teamwork. His many contributions have helped enable successful research and allowed for significant savings at the Lab.

Prwivo’s passion for doing things right, never forgetting who his customers are, and always looking for ways to improve are among the many reasons he is a key member of the Environment, Safety & Health Directorate team. Prwivo is fully committed to the Lab’s success, and the success of all the people he leads, works with, and supports.

Antoinette Russo, Business Services Directorate

Antoinette Russo has been contributing to Brookhaven Lab’s success for 36 years, and recently has distinguished herself with her work as Assistant Budget Officer in the Business Services Directorate.

In fiscal year 2019, the Lab concluded its multi-year transition from a total modified cost accounting system to a value-added base system. Russo was instrumental in converting to our new system, performing the analysis and providing materials to be communicated at all levels of detail for each sponsor, program, and project. She also helped the Lab manage multiple fiscal-related challenges and she has been instrumental in navigating, analyzing, and providing timely and accurate information to help Laboratory management make critical decisions.

Russo is a leader in the Budget Office. She’s respected and admired. She shares her wisdom with her colleagues and the groups she supports. Her outstanding performance and hard work are extremely important to the overall success of the Business Services Directorate, the Budget Office, and the entire Laboratory.

Meet all 347 staff members at Brookhaven Lab recognized during the 2019 Employee Awards and VIP Service Celebration on Sept. 20.

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