Take our Children to Work Day Introduces Students to BNL, Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Some ate ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. Others got a taste of what their parents really do all day. They all learned at least a little more about Brookhaven Lab and the important research their parents help make happen during national Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day on April 22. After spending the morning shadowing their parents, almost 100 children of BNL employees toured the Firehouse and Science Learning Center. They then cooled off in the pool and played games and sports in the gymnasium. In addition, children of Light Sources Directorate employees spent the morning learning about “edible” science: testing a pH indicator made from red cabbage juice on household acids and bases, using ultraviolet light to determine why diet soda reacts so strongly when Mentos mints are dropped in it, and making ice cream using one special, and commonly used, scientific ingredient — liquid nitrogen.

2010-1753  |  INT/EXT  |  Newsroom