Debbie Bauer Receives Diversity in Business Award

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Debbie Bauer, a supervisor in the Lab's Environmental Protection Division and president of the Pride Alliance employee resource group

Debbie Bauer of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory has received a Diversity in Business Award from Long Island Business News (LIBN).

Bauer is a supervisor in the Lab's Environmental Protection Division, helping ensure that science at Brookhaven is done in an environmentally responsible manner. She is also president of the Pride Alliance, an employee resource group that advocates for LGBTQ* members of the Lab community.

LIBN hosted a virtual ceremony on March 2 to recognize Bauer among 17 people and three organizations on Long Island who support the growth of diversity and equality. More than 30 Lab colleagues attended virtually to celebrate Bauer and her fellow recipients.

If you want to succeed, if you want your team to be successful, make sure everybody has an equal shot. Make sure people aren't held back by attributes that have nothing to do with them doing a job well.

Debbie Bauer

LIBN recognized Bauer for championing a work environment that is welcoming, supportive, and nurturing of cultural, ethnic, racial, class, gender, sexual orientation, language, and other differences.

"Workplaces don't lose from being inclusive and diverse. They only gain," Bauer said. "If you want to succeed, if you want your team to be successful, make sure everybody has an equal shot. Make sure people aren't held back by attributes that have nothing to do with them doing a job well.

"I thank Long Island Business News for recognizing people like me—and people not like me—with Diversity in Business Awards," Bauer added.

Bauer joins two Brookhaven Lab employees who also received these awards in recent years: Shirley Kendall, manager of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Office, in 2020 and Noel Blackburn, manager of university relations and DOE programs in the Office of Educational Programs, in 2019.

A Voice for Environmental Sustainability and for Everyone

Steve Coleman—Brookhaven's associate lab director for environment, safety and health—said, "Debbie Bauer and I have worked together 20 years. She's been a voice for environmental sustainability and a welcoming voice for everyone. I congratulate Debbie and thank her for all she's done to make the Lab more diverse, equitable, and inclusive."

Bauer manages Brookhaven's environmental management system and coordinates the Lab's Pollution Prevention program.

Bauer joined the former Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual Employee (GLOBE) club at Brookhaven Lab in 1998 and later served as the club's president. She and other members of GLOBE have successfully advocated for domestic partner benefits at the Lab.

In 2019, Bauer revitalized the club and again became president of the evolving group with a new name: The Pride Alliance. Today, the Pride Alliance represents LGBTQ* people, embracing gender expression as well as allies and advocates from the entire Lab community.

"Debbie is not shy about raising awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion," said Jason Remien, manager of Brookhaven's Environmental Protection Division. "Her passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion—and her leadership qualities—have benefited coworkers, Lab leaders, and people beyond Brookhaven."

Despite the pandemic, Bauer and other Pride Alliance members held virtual Pride Month in June 2020. Celebrations included a virtual parade, online movie viewing sessions, a virtual lecture, and other activities to educate participants on LGBTQ* culture.

Bauer also networks with organizations on Long Island and other national laboratories for ideas, collaboration, and support. She is an active member of Long Island's LGBT Network's Workplace Initiative, where she can talk to employee resource group leaders from businesses across Long Island. She also mentors early career employees and has supported the International Network of Women in Engineering and Sciences (INWES).

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