Notice of Intent: Bulk Energy Storage

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the landowner of Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), is highly supportive of the PSEG - Long Island initiative (on behalf of the Long Island Power Authority, LIPA) soliciting bulk energy storage resources that will be interconnected to the Long Island electric grid. The Bulk Energy Storage RFP, and associated information, is available at

aerial image showing proposed siting location

Attachment A – Proposed Siting Location (noted in white frame)

The DOE, locally and in Washington D.C., is very interested in seeing LIPA succeed with this project. In support of this effort, it is the intent of the DOE to make available up to four acres within BNL’s boundaries for the purpose of installing a bulk energy storage facility. The approximate area is indicated in Attachment A.

The conditions for the developer of the energy storage facility are as follows:

  1. The area will be provided through an easement, or ground lease, which will include a General Services Administration process to determine the fair market value for the land parcel;
  2. The developer will provide access to real-time data from the facility to support modeling and operations experience coming from a grid-level storage system for BNL research; and
  3. In consideration for the siting location, the developer will provide a research battery to Brookhaven National Laboratory on the scale of 1MW (with a 1-hour load duration (1MWh)). This would be sited near the existing BNL photovoltaic research array and associated inverters.  

To this end, if PSEG-LI/LIPA selects an awardee that has incorporated the BNL site into its proposal, it is our intention to negotiate in good faith and assist that firm, to the extent allowable by Federal regulation and Agency policy. The local DOE Office will act on behalf of the Federal Government, to facilitate the development of necessary agreements to successfully affect the use of BNL property for this beneficial bulk energy storage project.

Should there be questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact the Brookhaven Site Office at 631.344.3346.

Download a PDF of this notice.

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