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Search for Associate Laboratory Director for High Energy and Nuclear Physics

A search committee for the the Associate Laboratory Director for Nuclear and Particle Physics, to replace Steve Vigdor, who is retiring at end of 2012 (see his Annual State of RHIC Report), has been appointed by Sam Aronson.

The members of the search committee are:

  • Charles Baltay, Professor, Physics and Astronomy, Yale University
  • Wit Busza (Search Committee Chair), Francis Friedman Professor of Physics, MIT
  • Sally Dawson, Senior Physicist, BNL
  • Dennis Kovar, retired, DOE
  • Laurence Littenberg, Associate Department Chair, Physics Department, BNL
  • Saskia Mioduszewski, Associate Professor, Texas A&M University
  • David Morrison, Physicist, BNL
  • Alfred Mueller, Enrico Fermi Professor of Physics, Columbia University
  • Naohito Saito, Professor, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), Japan
  • T. James Symons, Associate Laboratory Director for General Sciences, LBNL
  • William Zajc, Professor and Chair, Physics Department, Columbia University

Doon Gibbs, Deputy Director, Science and Technology, BNL, and Robert Lincoln, Chief Human Resources Officer, BNL, are non-voting members. Input from the nuclear and high energy physics community can be shared with the Search Committee via the web site:

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