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Newsmakers among Photon Sciences staff, collaborators and user community

mantis shrimp

This peacock mantis shrimp shows off its durable weapons, the two oval-shaped hammers at the end of its arms. Photo by Silke Baron.

Physicists Elaine DiMasi and Kenneth Evans-Lutterodt, Photon Sciences

Martin Fallier, engineer, Photon Sciences

Aaron Stein, physicist, Center for Functional Nanomaterials
Kenneth Evans-Lutterodt, physicist, Photon Sciences

Jacob Weiser, Syosset High School, 2012 OEP High School Research Program
Mentor Jianming Bai, physicist, Photon Sciences

Ray Conley and Optics Fabrication Group, Photon Sciences

Andrey Feklistov, research associate, The Rockefeller University

Emmanuel Skordalakes, biochemist, University of Pennsylvania

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