Brookhaven Lab Celebrates National Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day

On April 24, Brookhaven National Laboratory hosted dozens of very important visitors. Children of employees from departments all over the Lab visited Brookhaven to experience a day in the life at a national Lab and learn more about what their parents do at work.

Started in 1993, National Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day gives parents an opportunity to share their workplace with their children, help youth understand how a workplace functions, and explore future possibilities for careers. More than just a program where kids 'shadow' their parents, the national program aims to expose young boys and girls to mentors and show them the value of an education that can help them move toward their goals as young adults.

During their visit to Brookhaven this year, children visited the greenhouses in the Biosciences Department to learn about plant research. They also planted sunflower seeds that they brought home to nurture. Children also visited the educational programs office, where they learned how to extract DNA from a strawberry.

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