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By Mona S. Roweshare:

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Newsmakers among Photon Sciences staff, collaborators and user community

mantis shrimp

Kenneth Evans-Lutterodt, Photon Sciences, is listed as a coauthor on a recent paper titled “Bio-Inspired Impact Resistant Composites.”
Claim: Mantis shrimp are stronger than airplanes, TG Daily

Elaine DiMasi, Photon Sciences, is named as a collaborator on a University of California, Riverside-based team selected for a $7.5 million grant to study more than 20 organisms to develop strong, tough materials based on their design structures.
Mantis Shrimp, Toucan and Trilobite, Oh My, UCR Today

“The Russian booster synchrotron is an important part of the United States’ National Synchrotron Light Source facility.”
Russian scientists hand over synchrotron to US lab despite sanctions, The Journal of Turkish Weekly

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