2014 RAP1 Team Recognition

Members of the Region 1 Radiological Assistance Program (RAP) team enlarge

Members of the Region 1 Radiological Assistance Program (RAP) team honored (from left) Brookhaven Lab's Kimberly Wehunt, Patrick Sullivan, Kelly Smith, Dennis Ryan, Charles Rose, Thomas Roberts, Paul Philipsberg, Stephen Musolino, Joseph Moskowitz, Lee Michel, Anand Kandasamy, Charles Finfrock, Joy Epps, Gregory Condemi, Deana Buckallew, John Aloi Jr., Kathleen McIntyre, Christopher Cacace, and the U.S. Department of Energy Brookhaven Site Office's (BHSO) Mark Parsons with BHSO Manager Frank Crescenzo. Team members not pictured are Jay Adams, Tyler Rovig, and Joseph Terranova.

Members of the Region 1 Radiological Assistance Program (RAP1) team were recognized during the 2014 employee awards ceremony for their contributions to secure the Meadowlands and surrounding metropolitan area against potential radiological threats before and during Super Bowl XLVIII earlier this year.

The RAP1 team includes Mark Parsons of the DOE Brookhaven Site Office the Lab's Kathleen McIntyre, Jay Adams, John Aloi Jr., Deana Buckallew, Christopher Cacace, Gregory Condemi, Joy Epps, Charles Finfrock, Anand Kandasamy, Lee Michel, Joseph Moskowitz, Stephen Musolino, Paul Philipsberg, Thomas Roberts, Charles Rose, Tyler Rovig, Dennis Ryan, Kelly Smith, Patrick Sullivan, Joseph Terranova, and Kimberly Wehunt.

RAP1, part of the National Nuclear Security Administration First Responder Program, provides radiological assistance to local, state, tribal, and federal partners to protect the health and safety of the general public, the first responders, and the environment. Since 2001, the team has fielded static and mobile patrols to help government authorities screen for radiological threat materials. These activities cover annual events such as New Year's Eve at Times Square and the United Nations General Assembly as well as one-time special events, such as the All-Star game at Yankee stadium.

The Laboratory recognized the RAP1 team for its superb efforts covering Super Bowl XLVIII (48) in Meadowlands Stadium and in New York City. This team recognition acknowledges their extraordinary contribution in preparing and implementing security and protective measures for this event both indoors and outside in frigid wintry conditions. 

FBI officials also recognized the RAP1 team, remarking that the two agencies have worked together on many special events in New York City, although never a Super Bowl, and that the previous deployments were excellent preparation for the task. The FBI Office’s Assistant WMD Coordinator said the operation’s success exceeded all of their expectations. 

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