Meet Nicole Jenkins

Nicole Jenkins joined the BNL Police Group in late October 2007. Asked why she decided to take a job at Brookhaven Lab, Jenkins said she had heard from friends and relatives who work at the Lab that BNL is one of the best employers on Long Island with a top-notch police force.

Nicole Jenkins

"I knew I had something to offer the Lab's police force - my enthusiasm and my sense of responsibility," she said.

Jenkins, who said she has worked hard to excel at her training, is impressed by the Lab's training requirements, which she feels will help her to become one of those top-notch officers.

"I have already learned so much, and I already love this job," she said.

Jenkins holds a degree in criminal justice from C.W. Post College and worked for Computer Associates and a private security company before joining the Lab.

In January, Jenkins completed the Lab's mandated specific training requirements under the direction of Police Captain David Peter. You will see her around the site when she works her regular shift, 3-11 p.m.

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