Safety is Long-Standing Tradition for Cycletrons

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Members of the Cycletrons, the Lab's motorcycle enthusiasts club, gathered for a photo before enjoying a group ride to Claudio's restaurant in Greenport.

On a perfect day in June, and in annual tradition, members of the Cycletrons,  Brookhaven Lab’s motorcycle enthusiasts club, gathered for a photo before heading out on a group ride to Claudio’s restaurant in Greenport for lunch. The club does this ride every year to promote motorcycle safety awareness and acknowledge National Ride Your Bike to Work Day. 

“This has been a long-standing tradition for our club,” said Mike Stangel of the Lab’s Information Technology Division and president of the Cycletrons. “It’s an easy ride, so bikers of all levels can join in and it’s a nice kickoff to summer. It also gives us a chance to teach the less experienced riders how to ride in a group. Of course, the comradery adds fun to the day. ”

Safety is Number One Priority

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Partnering with On the Road Again, a local company that promotes motorcycle safety awareness, members of the Cycletrons participated in the Lab's annual Safety Day.

Many of the members now have hands-free Bluetooth or CB communications equipment in their helmets allowing them to easily stay in touch during a ride, adding another important layer of safety while on the road.

“We also promote offsite training courses and set up some of our own safety training when new members join our club,” said Cycletrons Vice President Scott Orban who works in the Photon Sciences Directorate. “I recently organized a training class with On the Road Again, a local company that offers various ‘on-bike’ training for all levels of riders – new, old, and those who may be trying a new motorcycle that is lighter or heavier than what they have had in the past. Many riders also use these sessions as a refresher and reminder for good riding habits.”  On the Road Again also promotes biker safety by having a table at the Lab’s annual Safety Day. 

“We were happy that a lot of people stopped by the table to chat. Safety has always been, and will always be, our number one priority,” added Orban.  “We appreciate the time and efforts of On the Road Again in helping us promote motorcycle safety awareness.”

What’s Down the Road?

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Members of the Cycletrons participated in a motorcycle safety class given by On the Road Again. From left: Carter Biggs, Achim Franz, James Yerry, Andrew Mingino, Scott Orban, Linda Verbeeck, Michael Loftus, Robert Riccobono, Frank Dusek, Ed Hoey, and Joseph Walsh.

The group will put together many rides over the summer – some local, some longer distance. Their “big” ride will be to Key West, Florida, in September.  “Three thousand miles [roundtrip] is a lot of road to cover, but our members have traveled to places like Nova Scotia and Sturgis, South Dakota, so we’re ready,” said Stangel. “We look forward to the ride and the many fun moments we will share along the way. 

“Bring your bike, helmet, and your positive safety attitude and we will be happy to add your name to our member list,” he said.

The Cycletrons are a BERA (Brookhaven Employee Recreation Association) Club and usually meet the first Thursday of each month. They always welcome new members. Interested? Contact Mike Stangel, Ext. 7256,  or Scott Orban, Ext. 5520,

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