General Lab Information

photo of a bicycle and rider

Borrow-a-Bike Program

This program is intended for employees and visitors staying on-site who have no personal vehicle for transportation.

Please note that there are a limited number of bikes and their availability decreases during peak useage months in the summer when the Lab sees its highest number of student visitors.

To borrow a bicycle during your stay, contact Ralph Garappolo in the Guest Services Division. He will discuss bike availability and pick-up arrangements with you. Then, download and complete the Bicycle Loan Agreement below. You will need to provide an account number and an approval signature from your department/supervisor.

  • You must wear a helmet whenever riding a bicycle on Laboratory grounds or on public roads. If you don't have your own helmet, one can be purchased with a pick ticket specifying item #K70300. You will need an account number and the approval of your departmental Safety Coordinator. If you're not familiar with pick tickets, speak to your department's administrative assistant.
  • While in your posession, you must protect the bicycle and its associated combination lock and chain from inclement weather and theft to the best of your ability.
  • In the event of an accident, theft, or loss of this bicycle or any associated equipment, you must immeidately notify Laboratory Police at Ext. 2238 and file a loss report.
  • Make arrangements to return the bicycle to the Gym Office by calling Ext. 3147 prior to your planned departure from the Laboratory.

Lab-owned bicycles are provided for your sole benefit. By accepting the Loan Agreement you waive any claim against BNL arising out of the use of this bicycle, including any claim for personal injury or property damage. You will indemnify BNL and hold it harmless for any claims asserted by third parties against BNL arising from use of the bicycle.

The bike is assigned to you alone. Do not allow anyone to borrow it; you are the responsible party.