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2003-017: Desaturase Genes for improved Plant Seed Oils

Invention: 2003-017

Patent Status: U.S. Patent Number 7,655,833 was issued on February 2, 2010

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Arabidopsis seeds viewed through a fluorescence microscope. Two show the fluorescent markers used to track inserted genes; the third is an unmodified, wild type seed, which appears dark.

Fatty acid desaturase genes are delivered to host plants in expressible form to provide lower saturated fatty acid content in seeds.


The present invention relates to enzymes involved in lipid metabolism. In particular, the present invention provides coding sequences for Arabidopsis Desaturases (ADS), the encoded ADS polypeptides, and methods for using the sequences and encoded polypeptides, where such methods include decreasing and increasing saturated fatty acid content in plant seed oils.


Reduction of the saturated fatty acid content of oilseed plant oils will provide sources of high quality, healthier vegetable oils for sale as vegetable oil or for use in food manufacturing processes.

Applications and Industries

Specialty soybean, canola or other oilseed crop seeds will find ready use in production of reduced fatty acid content vegetable oils for food and food production.

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