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2002-021: Auto-Induction of T7 RNA polymerase

Invention: 2002-021

Patent Status: U.S. Patent Number 8,399,217 was issued on March 19, 2013

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F. William Studier

This invention provides for methods for auto-induction of a cloned gene for T7 RNA polymerase that is under the control of a lac or a araBAD promoter. The auto-induction of the polymerase in cells that carry T7 expression constructs then results in protein expression, generally to very high levels.


The essence of the auto-induction of expression in expression strains that carry T7 expression vector constructs is controlling the expression of the T7 RNA polymerase carried, usually in the host cell genome. This patent covers methods for controlling auto-induction of the cloned T7 RNA polymerase gene such that over expression of target proteins occurs automatically.


The methods permit the growth and automatic expression of target proteins under the control of the a T7 RNA polymerase promoter. If the cloned T7 RNA polymerase gene is under the control of a lac or araBAD promoter, this invention describes methods for auto-induction of the RNA polymerase enzyme.

Applications and Industries

All companies manufacturing recombinant proteins will benefit from the use of the auto-induction media. No inducer is needed, no monitoring of cell cultures is required, resulting in increased efficiency and lowered costs. When making proteins that are normally toxic to the expression host cell, this media and methods for use provides a stable host expression strain.

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