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2001-012: Expression vectors for protein solubility and folding

Invention: 2001-012

Patent Status: U.S. Patent Number 8,535,908 was issued on September 17, 2013

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Specific vectors for the fusion of peptide extensions at the carboxyl or amino terminals of recombinant proteins are provided. In some instances the solubility and proper folding of over-expressed target proteins are achieved by expression in fusion with the encoded peptides.


The fusion of peptide extensions onto various eukaryotic proteins enhances their expression as soluble, properly folded entities in over expression in bacterial host cells. The "chaperone-like" peptide extensions generally have a substantial net negative charge. The target proteins may be purified using antibodies against the peptide extensions.


This invention suggests a model where the large net charge of peptide extensions increases electrostatic repulsion between nascent polypeptides. The resulting decrease in aggregation rate can enable some polypeptides to fold spontane

Applications and Industries

Expression vectors that provide enhanced solubility and recombinant protein folding are useful in research and in the manufacture of useful proteins for bio-manufacturing and for development as potential therapeutic compounds.

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