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Category: advanced materials

2022-002: Scandium-44 Generator Resins

Invention: 2022-002

Patent Status: PCT filed on May 16, 2023

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TCP Technology

Purified Scandium-44 generation scheme.

This invention describes a Titanium-44/Scandium-44 generator system and a method of producing Scandium-44 using a functionalized hydroxamate resin. While our studies are still ongoing, the lifetime of the generator using our proprietary resin is about seven times longer than the commercially available ZR resin, and overall showed increased Scandium-44 elution under the same conditions.


The novel functionalized hydroxamate resin can be synthesized in two steps reaction using commercially available reagents under mild conditions. The resin allows for developing a robust generator system which tightly retains Titanium-44 while supplying pure Scandium-44 in a convenient form for radiolabeling without the use of tedious post-elution processing and purification.


The benefit of the resin include access to high purity Scandium-44 elutes for subsequent radiolabeling without the need for any on-site irradiation, long storage stability under dry ambient conditions, and low Titanium-44 breakthrough.

Applications and Industries

The application of this invention includes radiopharmaceutical imaging (e.g., PET imaging).

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