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2007-036: Dosimetry implant for treating restenosis and hyperplasia

Invention: 2007-036

Patent Status: U.S. Patent Number 8,834,338 was issued on September 9, 2014

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This invention describes a method of selectively providing radiation dosimetry to a subject in need of such treatment. The radiation is applied by an implant comprising a body member and 117mSn electroplated at selected locations of the body member, emitting conversion electrons absorbed immediately adjacent selected locations while not affecting surrounding tissue outside of the immediately adjacent area.


Luminal prostheses, such as vascular stents and grafts, which have been prepared to deliver controlled dosages of radiation to treat restenosis and hyperplasia. The radiation is applied by placing a conversion electron emitting source (CEES) adjacent, upon or within an organ or fluid vessel associated with the organ and in a manner such that the selected locations of the organ or vessel receive conversion electrons from the CEES for such treatment. Preferably, this method encompasses providing a CEES source that provides hyperplasia inhibiting radiation for treatment of hyperplasia in the subject, wherein the CEES is selectively provided upon an implant which is placed in contact with the organ or fluid vessel to provide the conversion electrons in a selected location for such treatment.


By described methods, conversion electrons are emitted to selected locations immediately adjacent the CEES or implant while not affecting surrounding tissue outside of the immediately adjacent area for enhanced, selective treatment of the subject.

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The potential application of this technology includes medical devices such as implants and methods of use of such devices in treatments of restenosis and hyperplasia.

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