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Deterring Nuclear Proliferation: The Importance of IAEA Safeguards

A Textbook by Michael D. Rosenthal, with Leslie G. Fishbone, Linda Gallini, Allan Krass, Myron Kratzer, Jonathan Sanborn, Barclay Ward, and Norman A. Wulf

Students of non-proliferation and newcomers to the field will benefit from Brookhaven National Laboratory’s new textbook, Deterring Nuclear Proliferation: The Importance of IAEA Safeguards. The book analyzes the IAEA safeguards system and the global nuclear non-proliferation regime and delves into the complexities of limiting the spread of nuclear weapons while at the same time encouraging peaceful uses of the atom. Commissioned by the National Nuclear Security Administration, topics covered in this new book include:

  • The history of the non-proliferation regime
  • A comprehensive review of the IAEA safeguards system and the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT)
  • IAEA safeguards implementation
  • The evolution of the safeguards system to enhance its effectiveness
  • IAEA legal authorities, and
  • IAEA response to secret nuclear programs in North Korea and Iraq.

The authors all played key roles in supporting the NPT and the NPT safeguards system and participated in many of the events described in this book. This authoritative review of the historical and conceptual foundations of the global non-proliferation regime is a must read for all students of non-proliferation.

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"Outstanding addition to the literature on nuclear non-proliferation and international safeguards; ... should be required reading in any course where these topics are pursued."

— Distinguished Professor Dr. Lawrence Scheinman, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies

"This book is essential reading not only for those working in nuclear non-proliferation and safeguards, new entrants to this field, and students, but also for policymakers, diplomats, journalists, and anyone else with an interest in this vital and fascinating subject. From the negotiation of relevant international agreements to the concepts and complexities of IAEA safeguards, this comprehensive but succinctly written book covers it all authoritatively ..."

— John Carlson, Director General of the Australian Safeguards and Nonproliferation Office 1989-2010, now Counselor to NTI

"Must reading for anyone interested in nuclear non-proliferation – or the role of international organizations in international security. This is the first comprehensive policy-focused review of IAEA safeguards in over 25 years. An excellent textbook, and the book I wish I’d had when I started my career."

— Christian Kessler, Former U.S. State Department Safeguards Official