General Lab Information

Radiation Detection and Emerging Safeguards Technologies

The Radiation Detection and Emerging Safeguards Technologies group develops radiation detection technologies and applications in security, health physics and healthcare. The group maintains essential expertise in radiation detection and provides scientific and engineering services to address sponsors’ specific needs in design, test and evaluation of radiation detection equipment and provide engineering support to other groups in NN. In addition, the group also explores emerging technologies to enhance radiation measurements, nuclear security and safeguards. 

Activities and Programs

  • Conduct modeling and simulation to prove concepts and validate system designs in radiation detection applications.
  • Design, construct and test radiation detection systems for safeguards, security, safety, health physics and healthcare applications.
  • Conduct research in data analytics and develop algorithms for radiation detection and characterization.
  • Provide engineering support, modeling and simulation, and data analysis support for regulatory test and performance evaluation of radiation detection equipment.
  • Explore emerging technologies, e.g., artificial intelligence and machine learning, for radiation detection, nuclear safeguards, and physical security.
  • Evaluate and develop innovative technologies for the next generation nuclear safeguards, e.g., NDA technology, containment and surveillance.

Group Members