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BNL Prime Contract No. DE-SC0012704

Part I, Section H. Special Contract Requirements

Clause H.2 – Long-Range Planning, Program Development and Budgetary Administration

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(a) Basic Considerations. Throughout the process of planning, and budget development and approval, the Parties recognize the desirability for close consultation, for advising each other of plans or developments on which subsequent action will be required, and for attempting to reach mutual understanding in advance of the time that action needs to be taken.

(b) Long Range Planning. It is the intent of the Parties to develop a five-year strategic outlook for BNL. Development of this document is the strategic planning process by which the Parties, through mutual consultation, reach agreement on the general types and levels of activity which will be conducted at the Laboratory for the designated period. It also serves as a baseline for placement of work at the Laboratory. The contents of the plan should include: Mission Overview, Funding by Source, Human Resources, Core Capabilities, Science Strategies for the Future, Major Initiatives, Infrastructure Plans, Mission Readiness and Work for Others (WFO). The Contractor shall submit an annual Laboratory Plan which provides insight into accomplishments against this strategic document. The Contractor is expected to contribute to long range planning conducted by the Office of Science.

(c) Budgetary Administration. DOE approval of program proposals and budget estimates will be reflected in work authorizations and financial plans developed and issued to the Contractor.