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BNL Prime Contract No. DE-SC0012704

Part I, Section H. Special Contract Requirements

Clause H.31 – Intellectual And Scientific Freedom

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(a) The Parties recognize the importance of fostering an atmosphere at the Laboratory conducive to scientific inquiry and the development of new knowledge and creative and innovative ideas related to national interests.

(b) The Parties further recognize that the free exchange of ideas among scientists and engineers at the Laboratory and colleagues at universities, colleges, and other laboratories or scientific facilities is vital to the success of scientific, engineering, and technical work performed by Laboratory personnel.

(c) The Parties also recognize that protecting proprietary and national security interest, information and assets is a paramount concern and duty of the Laboratory and its personnel.

(d) In order to further the goals of the Laboratory and the national interest, as well as protect proprietary information and national security, it is agreed by the Parties that the scientific and engineering personnel at the Laboratory shall be accorded the rights of publication or other dissemination of research, and participation in open public debate and in scientific, educational, or professional meetings and conferences, subject to limitations included in technology transfer agreements, work for other agreements, and such other limitations as may be required by the terms of this contract. Nothing in this clause is intended to interfere with the obligations of the Parties, including all Laboratory personnel, to protect proprietary, classified, Privacy Act, or other sensitive information as provided for or required by law, regulation, Department of Energy Directive or Order, or elsewhere in this contract.