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2017 Fall Workshop


This is the second annual meeting of the Center for Computational Materials Theory funded by grant PM-051. This workshop brings together scientists involved in this project, either directly receiving funding or as internal or external collaborators. We will present the work carried out in the second year of the grant and will discuss and communicate future research plans.

The first day will discuss current directions in electronic structure, theoretical spectroscopy and materials design problems. This will be followed by tutorial on the electronic structure approaches and codes developed by the center which will be open to students and postdocs.

We will also discuss the scientific roadblocks and ways to overcome them as well as future research directions. In particular the advisory board for the Center will come together and meet with the Director to decide on any needed changes in directions.

Advisory Committee

  • Vlad Dobrosavlevic (MagLab)
  • Laura Greene (NHMFL & FSU)
  • John Hill (BNL)
  • Scott Klasky (ORNL)
  • Mike Norman (ANL)
  • Sergey Savrasov (UC, Davis)

Local Organizers

  • Robert Konik (BNL)
  • Gabriel Kotliar (BNL/Rutgers U.)

Evening Events

Registered attendees are invited to attend the two sponsored evening dinners at no charge.

Welcome Dinner
Hilton Garden Inn Riverhead
Wednesday, October 25, 2017, 7 PM

Thursday Night Dinner
Hilton Garden Inn Riverhead
Thursday, October 26, 2017, 6 PM

Workshop Sponsors


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