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Awards and Honors

Brookhaven Lab Service Awards: Ming Lu, 5 years; Kim Kisslinger, 5 years; Lorraine Davis, 10 years

Safety Updates for CFN Users and Staff

All Work at CFN is Planned.

compressed gas cylinders

Regarding the use of all compressed gas cylinders, remember to secure the cylinders properly both while in use and when in storage.

electrical equipment

The repair or modification of any electrical equipment that uses more than 50 volts must be approved by the appropriate BNL personnel and must be inspected prior to its continued use.

Be safe! Remember to plan all your work, including time to clean up.

Comings and Goings

New Hires

  • Marco Liuthevicience Cordeiro, Research Associate, Electron Microscopy
  • Stefanie Greil, Visiting Guest Scientist, Materials Synthesis and Characterization

New Alumni

  • Son Hoang 
  • Hugh Bullen
  • Jonathan Halverson 
  • Sam Tenney 
  • Luca Camilli 

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