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Grace Webster

Grace Webster

Happy New Year to everyone and congratulations on finishing another exciting year at the CFN! This was an exceptional year for us, and we in the User Office will continue working to enhance the user experience. I look forward to working with you all in 2016.

Upcoming CFN Deadlines

  • The next submission deadline for new proposals is January 31, 2016. Proposals submitted during this Call will be considered for the May-August 2016 Cycle.
  • After-hours access for the current cycle expired at midnight on December 31, 2015.  If you need to extend your after-hours access for the next cycle, please call or email your CFN Point of Contact for authorization.


  • Users are reminded to submit publication references to the online Publications Database.  The CFN compiles a list of all of these publications, and makes it available in various publications and reports. The list only includes published work.
  • Online Training: If you recently refreshed an online training required at the CFN, please contact the User Office so that your badge access can be updated.
  • Nitrile gloves are not permitted outside the laboratories, so please discard them before exiting.
  • Users whose guest appointments will be expiring in the next three months are reminded to submit a guest extension form to continue their appointments.  If no action is taken, the guest appointments will expire automatically on the expiration date.
  • Access to CFN laboratories is through authorized badge access only. Piggybacking on to someone else’s access is a violation of CFN rules. If you lose access, contact the User office so that the issue can be resolved.

I also want to remind our entire scientific community to keep us informed of your awards, honors, and publications. Publicizing your discoveries and professional achievements helps us raise the profile of the CFN, attract top scientists from around the world, and secure ongoing funding. Help us celebrate and perpetuate your work!

If you have any questions or concerns, please stop by my office, send an email, or give me a call. 

— Grace Webster
User Administration and Outreach

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