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Upcoming Meetings, Workshops, and Events

NSLS-II & CFN Joint Users' Meeting: May 23-25, 2016. The theme will be “Illuminating the Future.” The program includes invited talks, workshops, a poster session, and exhibits highlighting new technology and instrumentation - all offering opportunities to learn about the latest developments in synchrotron and nanoscience experimentation.

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Awards and Honors

  • Battelle Inventor of the Year Award: Peter Sutter and Eli Sutter
  • Excellence in Doctoral Research (SBU Chemistry): Ye Tian

Brookhaven Spotlight Awards: Joann Tesoriero, Donna Storan, Al Langhorn, Gwen Wright, John Kestell, Pavel Majewski, Viet Hung Pham
Brookhaven Award: Grace Webster
Brookhaven Lab Service Awards: Percy Zahl, 10 Years; Matt Sfeir, 10 years; Eric Stach, 5 years; Deyu Lu, 5 years

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 CFN Image Challenge! Winning images can be seen here (PDF).

Comings and Goings

New Hires

  • Zheng Zhang, Postdoctoral Fellow, Nanofabrication
  • Julien Lhermitte, Postdoctoral Fellow, Soft and Bio Nanomaterials
  • Cheng Tian, Postdoctoral Fellow, Soft and Bio Nanomaterials
  • Niladri Patra, Postdoctoral Fellow, Theory and Computation
  • Vitor Riseti Manfrinato, Postdoctoral Fellow, Electron Microscopy
  • Gregory Doerk, Staff Scientist, Materials Synthesis and Characterization

New Alumni

  • Peter Sutter
  • Eli Sutter
  • Bob Sabatini
  • Surita Bhatia
  • Kai He
  • Yuan Hung

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