General Lab Information

photo of people digging with shovels, plantgin trees in a new habitat home

Lab employees donate their time and talent to a wide variety of volunteer organizations that make a positive impact in their communities. Whether it’s through participating in blood drives, volunteering at their local Fire Department, donating to a clothing or food drive, building a home through Habitat for Humanity, or helping to clean a beach, Brookhaven’s employees are neighbors helping neighbors around the Lab.

photo of employees holding gift donations
photo of employees loading food parcels
photo of employees volunteering with Habitat for Humanity

Comunity Service Letters

Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Community Engagement Office provides community service letters that confirm Lab employees (and in some cases their teenage children) have participated in verified community and/or charitable activities associated with a Lab purpose or program. To request a letter, contact Amy Engel. Requests may take up to three weeks to process.