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Join us!  •  Friday, September 6, 2019  •  7 PM  •  Parrish Art Museum, Water Mill

Advance registration and museum admission required.
Come early to view the exhibitions.
Stay late to see Paul D. Miller (a.k.a. DJ Spooky) perform (9–11 PM). Tickets sold separately.
Discount for PubSci attendees.
Specialty menu and bar items available for purchase.

About PubSci at the Parrish

Brookhaven National Laboratory and the Parrish Art Museum have teamed up to present PubSci at the Parrish, a science and art conversation series that takes place in a pub-style setting. Panelists will engage the audience in an open discussion on intersections of science and art that shape our world.

In this program, a scientist, artists, and composers will discuss how nanoscience data generated at Brookhaven Lab’s Center for Functional Nanomaterials (CFN) and National Synchrotron Light Source II can be represented in novel ways using different forms of art. In particular, they will explain how these novel representations can help scientists understand how 3-D nanostructures are organized.

Your chance to chat with...

photo of Melissa Clarke

Melissa Clarke

Interdisciplinary Artist; Co-founder and Creative Director of

photo of DJ Spooky

Paul D. Miller

a.k.a. DJ Spooky. Independent Composer, Artist, and Essayist

photo of Margaret Schedel

Margaret Schedel

Professor of Computer Music, Stony Brook University; Co-founder of

photo of Kevin Yager

Kevin Yager

Physicist, CFN, Brookhaven National Laboratory

About PubSci

PubSci lets you chat with expert scientists over a drink. See the casual side of cutting-edge research and scientific discovery happening every day at Brookhaven National Lab. This series hops around Long Island covering different topics from the Big Bang to tomorrow’s technologies.

What does a PubSci event look like?

Oh, just like your average pub—with a few world-class scientists sprinkled in.

  • "Dark Universe" PubSci, October 2015

  • “Big Bang Physics” PubSci, March 2014

  • "Climate" PubSci, February 2015

  • “Nanotechnology” PubSci, May 2014

Past topics