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Waves and Resonance

Brookhaven National Lab’s many particle accelerators use a technology called radiofrequency (RF) cavities to speed up charged particles. This device actually has a lot in common with musical instruments, which use resonance to create sounds. In this session, students will complete an online activity about waves in order to learn about what musical instruments and particle accelerators have in common. Resonance is the key to both!

Vocabulary: Accelerator, collider, wave, frequency, wavelength, amplitude, node, antinode, resonance, radiofrequency (RF) cavity

Session Information: This activity is available in a virtual format only. 

Virtual Session Information
  • 1- hour session, times are flexible
  • One class per session, maximum 30 students per class
  • Secure link to videoconferencing will be provided
  • Teachers will receive a detailed Teacher Notes guide upon booking
  • $400 per session (BOCES-aidable)

New York State Standards

New York State Science Learning Standards

Disciplinary Core Ideas Crosscutting Concepts Science and Engineering Practices

PS4.A: Wave Properties

PS4.B: Electromagnetic Radiation


Systems and System Models

Developing and Using Models

Next Generation English Language Arts Standards

Speaking and Listening Language
Comprehension and Collaboration
Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas
Vocabulary Acquisition and Use

New York State Standards for the Arts

Music 11.1