General Lab Information

College Students

OEP college students

The undergraduate and graduate internship programs provide more than 350 students and professors from universities around the country each year the opportunity for an authentic research experience. Interns will have access to the Lab’s facilities and leading scientists in their fields to take on scientific challenges and gain experience working in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields.

  • Community College Internship (CCI)

    Community college students are encouraged to enter technical careers by providing a 10 week internship at a Department of Energy national laboratory. 

  • G.R.E.En. Institute

    Students from kindergarten through graduate school perform field work to learn about the local environments on Long Island.

  • Mini-Semester Program

    Undergraduate science, technology, engineering and mathematics students are provided the opportunity to spend a week at Brookhaven National Laboratory to participate in science and technology exploration with experienced scientists and staff.  

  • New York State Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program Mini-Course (CSTEP)

    New York State CSTEP students are provided the opportunity to participate in a five day introductory in bioinformatics at Brookhaven National Laboratory during the school winter break.

  • Nuclear Chemistry Summer School (NCSS)

    The Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology of the American Chemical Society provides undergraduate students an opportunity to visit and learn more about nuclear and radiochemistry in a scientific setting.

  • Science Communication Internship

    Brookhaven's science communication interns interview and write stories about researchers in wide-ranging fields, from nanoscience to nuclear physics.

  • Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI)

    Undergraduate students pursuing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers gain scientific research experience by working with scientists and conducting authentic research.