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Broadening our understanding of the scientific possibilities available through the EIC

The Electron-Ion Collider (EIC) under construction at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) will be a powerful machine with unique capabilities that will uncover fundamental features of sub-atomic matter at distance scales much smaller than the size of a proton. The aim of the BNL EIC Theory Institute is to broaden and deepen our understanding of the scientific opportunities that will be made possible by the EIC. Towards this end, a primary goal of the Institute is a vibrant and diverse program of short-term, mid-term and long-term visitors who would enrich and complement EIC research (broadly defined) being conducted at BNL.

The BNL EIC Theory Institute will collaborate closely with the Center for Frontiers in Nuclear Science (CFNS) at Stony Brook University in organizing programs, workshops, meetings, and schools that will involve visitors to the Institute. A major goal of the institute will be to mentor and engage early career scientists from diverse backgrounds in performing research in EIC science and to broaden its appeal across sub-fields of physics.

Visitor Program

The visitor program of the BNL EIC Theory Institute provides financial support for short-term (< 2 weeks), mid-term (2 weeks-1 month) and long-term (1-3 months) visits to BNL. Qualified applicants will be selected by the Steering Committee in consultation with an external Advisory Board. Applications for short and mid-term visits will be considered on a rolling basis.

Long-term visitors, who will be considered Scholars-in-Residence, are encouraged to assist in organizing workshops, meetings, and schools, and to deliver lectures on their expertise either at BNL or in collaboration with CFNS. The Scholars-in-Residence must have a current faculty or staff affiliation. The deadline of January 31st for mid and long term applications is past. We will however consider additional applications for such visits on a rolling basis based on availability and length of visit. Those interested should contact us directly at

The BNL EIC Theory Institute will also host a dedicated program for students and post-doctoral fellows to visit and interact with scientists at BNL and Stony Brook, and to participate in workshops, meetings, and schools. The Theory Institute warmly welcomes international visitors. It is important that they satisfy BNL's visitor requirements and can secure visas if necessary.