General Lab Information

Department Seminars

Environmental and Climate Sciences Department (ECSD) seminars are typically scheduled on Thursdays at 11 a.m. Special times, dates, and locations are indicated on the schedule. These seminars are all open to the public.

For in-person seminars, attendees who do not have a BNL ID badge should arrive up to 30 minutes prior to the start of the seminar and check-in at the Main Gate. A government-issued photo ID is required at check in. Inform the gate attendee that you are here for the Environmental and Climate Sciences Department seminar (ECSD seminar).

For other details, or to schedule a seminar, contact the Seminar Committee.

The following information pertains to onsite presentations only.

Once your seminar date is set, register through the Guest Information System, which will require you to upload a current copy of your CV when registering.

The registration should be completed a minimum of 30 days prior to your seminar date. (If travel is required, then complete the registration 60 days prior to your seminar date.)

To assist you in completing the registration form, below are answers to some of the questions:

Purpose of Visit: Speech/Presentation
Subject Code: Environmental Sciences, Atmospheric
Access Requested: Physical on-site Access to BNL
Estimated Days: intermittently <30 days
Visit Justification: Invited Seminar Speaker for the Environmental & Climate Sciences Department Seminar Series. Title of my talk: (insert title) or Topic of my talk: (insert topic)
BNL Department: Environ & Climate Sci. Dept (EE)
Research Facility: None
Facility Type: Non-Security Area
Beamline: None or Unknown
Research Type: Open research
Anticipated Start Date: date you expect to come onsite
Anticipated End Date: date of your last date onsite

After receiving approval for your visit, Judy Williams will contact you regarding your travel/lodging arrangements.