In Memoriam: Thomas Gannon

Thomas Gannon, a custodian in the Guest Services Division, died Jan. 23, 2019. He was 61 years old.

Gannon started at Brookhaven Lab in April 1997, first as a temporary employee and then joining the Lab staff in a permanent role in September of that year. He established himself as a technically adept member of the custodial team, working in hot labs, on decontamination projects, and building clean-ups that require specialized training, certifications, and care to handle contents.

“Tommy was committed to doing a good job, and very technical work,” recalled friend and long-time coworker Rich Muller. “He was really committed to his work, and was really on his game with his training and certifications. No matter what the challenge, no matter the task, he was willing—and able—to do the work.”

Muller recalled how Gannon was the “go-to guy” when it came to working in so-called “hot” areas, and how he was most comfortable doing technical, skilled, and solo work.

Gannon and Muller were friends for about 18 years and carpooled every day for about 13 years, Muller said. He recalled that Gannon was a “big animal person,” adopting rescue cats and helping injured animals whenever he could.

“If we were driving along and there was an injured bird on the side of the road, he’d stop to help it,” Muller said. “Everybody knew we were friends. I always worked on his car for him. He wouldn’t trust anyone else.”

According to Debbie Doyle, the general supervisor for Custodial Services at the Lab, Gannon spoke often of his wife Barbara, special projects in his yard and garden, or his latest animal rescue adventure.

“He was a good worker, but more than that he was a good man,” Doyle said. “He is surely missed by many.”

Gannon is survived by his wife Barbara, daughter Christa and son-in-law Steve, son Thomas Jr. and daughter-in-law Stacey, and grandchildren Liam, Emery, Seamus, Max, and Brook.

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