2022 Mow Shiah Lin Scholarship Award Ceremony, 9/23

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Mow Shiah Lin

All are invited to the Asian Pacific American Association's (APAA) 18th annual Mow Shiah Lin Scholarship on Friday, Sept. 23, at 3:30 p.m. via Zoom. The APAA will present Wenjie Liao and Daren Wu, both doctoral students at Stony Brook University, each with a $2,000 award.

The APAA established this scholarship to commemorate the life and career of Mow Shiah Lin, who was a distinguished scientist in Brookhaven Lab’s Energy Sciences and Technology Department. In honor of the manner in which he began his career, his research, remarkable achievements, and inventions, this scholarship is granted annually to a student of Asian heritage with a U.S. student visa, matriculating toward a doctorate in environmental and energy technology, biology, or chemistry at an accredited institution of higher education on Long Island, including Brooklyn and Queens.

About the 2022 Award Recipients

Wenjie Liao is pursuing a doctoral degree in the Department of Chemistry at Stony Brook University. He is currently conducting his research in the Catalysis Group at Brookhaven with Ping Liu as his advisor on “heterogeneous catalysis of carbon dioxide chemical recycling using combined multiple theoretical and data science methods.” Liao is focused on theoretical studies that could provide an atomic-level understanding of catalysts and reaction mechanisms.

Daren Wu’s doctoral research in material science and chemical engineering is with Esther Takeuchi and Amy Marschilok as advisors at the Advanced Energy Center at Stony Brook University to find solutions for large-scale energy storage. Takeuchi is chair of Brookhaven Lab's Interdisciplinary Science Department and Marschilok is manager of its Energy Storage and Energy Systems divisions. Wu’s focus is on rechargeable aqueous Zn/MnO2 batteries with near-neutral ZnSO4 electrolyte, which can serve as a promising alternative to commercial Li-ion batteries as a grid-level electrochemical energy storage solution with better safety and much lower cost, at the same time being environmentally benign using earth-abundant components.

For more information, contact Susan Eng Wong.

About the APAA

The APAA is one of seven employee resource groups, supporting an inclusive work environment and diverse workforce at Brookhaven Lab. The APAA promotes unity and awareness through educational, cultural, and social programs, including  annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Month events, as well as discussions of issues that affect the Asian Pacific American community at Brookhaven Lab. Learn more.

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