Tour the Center for Functional Nanomaterials at Brookhaven Lab on Sunday, July 17

See a different facility at Brookhaven Lab every Sunday from July 17 through August 14


The Center for Functional Nanomaterials at Brookhaven National Laboratory, where BNL researchers probe structures as tiny as a billionth of a meter.

Brookhaven Lab will be open to all to enjoy a fun-filled visit while learning about dynamic scientific developments at the Lab during Summer Sundays from July 17 to August 14. Summer Sundays feature exciting science shows, tours of world-class science facilities, and hands-on educational activities for the whole family — all free!

No reservations are needed, but visitors 16 and older must bring a photo ID. Visitors may arrive anytime between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. A different tour and new science show will be featured each week. The last facility visit takes place at 3 p.m., and science shows will be held at noon, 1:30 p.m., and 3 p.m. each Sunday in Berkner Hall. A cafeteria and gift shop, also located in Berkner Hall, will be open until 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. respectively.

This Sunday, July 17, tour the Center for Functional Nanomaterials, where BNL researchers probe structures as tiny as a billionth of a meter, and learn about scientists’ latest discoveries in innovative energy technologies. Be amazed by “The Magic of Energy” show. This science facility tour is appropriate for children 10 and older.

The Agenda for Sunday, July 17

Solar Macro Lithography: Although lithography was invented in 1796, it is still critically important in the manufacture of many common items, including computers, books, and artwork. The CFN contains over 5,000 square feet of “clean room” space dedicated to this and similar techniques that are used to make nanostructured materials. Learn how to create your own “master” designs that can be transferred into photosensitive paper.

Nanofabrication Demonstration: Take a look inside the clean room as scientists demonstrate the power of focused ion beams for writing and imaging custom nanostructures.

Visualizing Atoms with Transmission Electron Microscopy: Did you know that there are things that are too small to be seen with a normal light microscope? For information on the structure of materials — down to an atomic level — scientists use a state-of-the-art instrument called an electron microscope. The CFN has four of them! Stop by to see what an atom looks like.

Make Graphene, Win a Nobel Prize: The Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded in 2010 for experiments on graphene, a one-carbon-atom thick material similar to what is found in pencils. The critical breakthrough was the use of Scotch tape! Come fabricate and image your own graphene samples.

DNA and Self-Assembly: Learn about the amazing specificity of DNA, how it assembles and how it can be used to direct the assembly of new materials.

Clean Room Gowning and Photo Station: Clean room suits are used to protect critical processes from dust and contamination. Visitors can get their photo taken in a clean room “bunny suit.”

Nanoscience, Safety, and the Environment: Learn about what the CFN is doing to promote sustainability while protecting its workers, the community, and the environment from any potential hazards. CFN scientists and employees from the Safety & Health Services Division will be on hand to answer general questions about your visit.

Future Summer Sundays

July 24: Learn about dazzling science discoveries at the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) and plans for the future NSLS-II, now under construction, and see the “Science Laser Light Spectacular” show.

July 31: Hands-on family fun exploring magnets, mirrors, and more. Hop aboard a fire truck, and see the “Phenomenal Physics with Mr. Fish” show.

August 7: Track storms at the National Weather Service. Watch a weather balloon launch at 3:30 pm, and see the “Weather” show.

August 14: Tour the atom-smashing Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider and meet “Einstein Alive.”

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