OMC Welcomes Outstanding SBU Doctors-in-Training to BNL

With the Occupational Medicine Clinic (OMC) here on site, BNLers are accustomed to receiving quality care that is convenient, confidential and individualized. Under Manager Joe Falco, OMC staff live up to their mission statement of maintaining a proactive approach to health, including a healthy lifestyle, emotional health, disease prevention, and early detection.

OMC staff

Stony Brook Preventive Medicine resident Dr. Matthew Barnhart (second from right) with Occupational Medicine Clinic nurses (from left) Michael Thorn and Sue McCafferty, and doctors Carol Davis and Joseph Falco.

Now the OMC is making even more use of its experience and expertise. The BNL Clinic is serving as a clinical rotation site to host doctors-in-training from Stony Brook School of Medicine’s Preventive Medicine residency, one of the leading training programs of its kind in the country.

Said OMC Manager Joe Falco, “Occupational medicine is considered to be a preventive medicine field, and our whole focus is preventing illness and injury, and encouraging BNLers to lead a healthy lifestyle. The enthusiastic, energetic young residents we host get valuable clinical experience here. In turn, they keep us on our toes at OMC, making sure we’re aware of all the latest research and trends in screening, prevention and health promotion.”

Falco explained that BNLers can help train the outstanding young professionals who will be hosted at OMC. When Lab staff go for a physical, they may be asked if they would be willing to have one of the residents perform the physical under the careful supervision of Falco or one of his OMC colleagues. 

“You’ll get an outstanding exam, excellent advice on prevention, and you can also feel good about the contribution you’ve made towards developing the next generation of health care professionals,” said Falco. “I am looking forward to furthering OMC’s role in teaching, which, as a result of our world-class research, is an important part of BNL’s mission.”

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