In Memoriam: Gabriel Genoino Jr.

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Gabriel "Gabe" Genoino Jr.

Gabriel Genoino Jr., a senior auditor in the Internal Audit Office, died on July 9, 2014. He was 63.

Genoino worked in the Lab's Internal Audit Office since January 1998. He was responsible for examining and verifying records for various business systems at the Lab in accordance with International Internal Audit Standards. He specialized in payroll and labor costs, relocations, and travel, among the Internal Audit Office's 12 to 14 audits each year. He also performed audit follow-ups to ensure that corrective actions implemented by Lab management were carried out effectively.

Genoino's supervisor, Internal Audit Director Mark Israel, said, "Gabe was one of the most diligent auditors to ever work in Internal Audit. The people in our group remember Gabe for the integrity, questioning attitude, and persistence he exercised in a friendly, constructive manner, resulting in the strengthening of many internal controls at the Lab.

"Gabe always came to work with a smile on his face. He befriended and took a genuine interest in his fellow employees across the entire Laboratory," Israel added. "While we all came to know Gabe 'the auditor' very well over the 17 years he worked in Internal Audit, we also came to know Gabe 'the family man,' who devoted every ounce of himself to his wife, children, and grandchildren."

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Genoino and three of his daughters featured in a June 1999 article after the sixth annual "Take Our Daughters to Work Day"

Payroll Manager Marge Desmond, who Genoino audited annually, said, “Gabe was a stickler for things and he was extremely helpful in suggesting ways to make processes run as optimally as possible. He’d also never hesitate to talk about the importance of taking care of yourself or your family. He did a good job, kept us on our toes, and still found time to care.”

"Gabe would stop by my cubicle just to ask, 'What’s shaking?'" said Cindy von Gerichten of the Fiscal Services Division. "He was tough at his job, but he made me smile every day, and he'll be sorely missed by all who knew him."

Many in the Lab community may remember seeing Genoino exercise on site. They may also remember seeing him with three of his daughters in a feature article in June 1999 after the sixth annual "Take Our Daughters to Work Day." 

Genoino is survived by his wife, Sandra, twelve children—including Vanessa Flynn (Thomas), Amanda Rovet (Anthony), Russell, Darrell, Brenda Klieber (Joe), Lora, Lindsay, Drew, Chelsey, Taylor, and Morgan—and twelve grandchildren.

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