Chemistry Department Celebrates Role in Nobel-Winning Neutrino Science

On December 10, hours after the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to two neutrino researchers, Brookhaven chemists, physicists, and family members with links to one of the honored experiments gathered in the Chemistry building for a celebration of their own.

The event recognized the achievements of Brookhaven’s Solar Neutrino Group, which made important contributions to experiments at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) in Canada, led by new Nobel Laureate Arthur McDonald of Queen’s University.

“Being part of a Nobel Prize-winning experiment is exciting and rewarding,” said retired Brookhaven chemist Richard L. Hahn, who led the Brookhaven team during the time of the Nobel-honored work before passing the reins to the current leader, Brookhaven chemist Minfang Yeh.  

“We’re here today to congratulate Dick and Minfang for the SNO success,” said Alex Harris, chair of the Chemistry Department. “And in a larger sense we are honoring their continuing contributions as chemists, working closely with physicists, to probe fundamental mysteries of neutrinos, particle physics, and the cosmos.”

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