37 Employees Recognized for Perfect Attendance

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Some of the 37 Brookhaven Lab employees who were recognized for perfect attendance records for 2015 at a ceremony with Lab Director Doon Gibbs (right)

Thirty-seven Brookhaven Science Associates (BSA) employees at Brookhaven Lab have been honored for their perfect attendance records in 2015. They were recognized at a ceremony held in Berkner on March 31.

Fulltime technical and clerical employees paid weekly, and Lab employees represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the Suffolk County Security Police Association are eligible for perfect attendance awards. The Lab presents these awards annually to those who do not use any sick leave during the previous calendar year.

During the ceremony, Lab Director Doon Gibbs presented each awardee with a package containing a $200 check, certificate, and T-shirt.

The BSA staff members recognized for perfect attendance in 2015—noted by the total number of years they have been honored for perfect attendance—are:

20 Years

Alex Reben Stakeholder & Community Relations Office

19 Years

Dhruba Ghimiray Procurement & Property Management Division
Randolph Seibel Site Resources Division

16 Years

Lisa Metz Site Resources Division

15 Years

Stanley Hanlon Staff Services Division

12 Years

Darren Harris Site Resources Division

11 Years

Eugene Barrow Site Resources Division
Ruth Harris Site Resources Division

9 Years

Maria Singleton Site Resources Division
Jeannette Vera Site Resources Division
Joseph Rubino Stakeholder & Community Relations Office

8 Years

Keith Jackson Site Resources Division

6 Years

John Davies Laboratory Protection Division
Michael Daddi Site Resources Division
Terry Jones Stakeholder & Community Relations Office

5 Years

Dale Galante Procurement & Property Management Division
Michael Pedersen Procurement & Property Management Division
Nicholas Capazzola Jr. Site Resources Division
Robert Skeeter Site Resources Division

4 Years

Felice Villani Energy & Utilities Division

3 Years

Thomas Trojanowski Energy & Utilities Division
Thomas Walters Energy & Utilities Division
Michael Honigman Site Resources Division
Antonio McGill Site Resources Division
Joshua Rowland Site Resources Division

2 Years

Kevin Kobasiuk Collider Accelerator Department
Daniel Chapman Laboratory Protection Division
Christopher LoPreto Laboratory Protection Division
William Anderson Procurement & Property Management Division
Arthur Coleman Jr. Site Resources Division
Anthony DiMauro Site Resources Division
James Durham Site Resources Division
Daniel Sheppard Site Resources Division

1 Year

Edwin Cancel Procurement & Property Management Division
Michael Cresci Site Resources Division
John Passaro Site Resources Division
Charles Weilminster Site Resources Division
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