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NEXO Summer 2019 Meeting
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NEXO Summer 2019 Meeting


The US scientific community has endorsed the timely development and deployment of a US-led ton-scale neutrinoless double beta decay experiment to determine the fundamental nature of the neutrino. This meeting will be for expert participants to discuss highly detailed aspects of the technical details needed for building a possible detector based on a Liquid Xenon TPC that would have a half-life sensitivity of 10^28 years.

Local Organizing Committee

  • David Asner (BNL)
  • Mickey Chiu (BNL)
  • Mietek Dabrowski (BNL)
  • Gabriele Giacomini (BNL)
  • Eric Raguzin (BNL)
  • Sergio Rescia (BNL)
  • Thomas Tsang (BNL)

Sponsors and/or Co-sponsors

Meeting Organizers

  • Giorgio Gratta (Stanford University)
  • Mike Heffner (LLNL)

BNL Facility Tours

Participants will tour the following: Physics Department, Instrumentation Division, and CFN Labs on Wednesday, June 26, 2019.


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Last Modified: April 16, 2019