General Lab Information

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User Laboratories

NSLS-II has several lab spaces available for users of the facility. These lab spaces are classified as a Tech Area (dry labs), a multi-purpose laboratory (wet labs) or a Chemistry Laboratory. Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) can vary based on the classification of the space; however, minimum requirements include long pants and closed-toed shoes.

To perform work, whether it be assembly or experimental, in any of the lab spaces, Users must request the lab(s) as a resource on their Safety Approval Form (SAF) and provide a description of the desired tasks to be performed in the requested lab(s). All lab access, including keycard encoding, lab safety training orientation, and equipment specific training will be arranged through the lab's Cognizant Space Manager (CSM).

Lab Locations

There are currently sixteen User labs located in Building 740 that can be found in buildings 741, 743, 744 and 745. We recommend review of the lab descriptions below to ensure the appropriate lab has been selected. In addition, users requiring a lab should contact the lab's CSM as early as possible to discuss their desired lab activities.

LOB locations

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LOB 1 (1L)

1L-L04 Ops-CSX-XPD-ESM 631-344-3154 Ryan Hollmers 631-344-7571
1L-L09 Battery & Condensed Matter Lab 631-344-3080 Christine Ali 631-344-3197
1L-L10 Infrared Lab 631-344-8738 Randy Smith 631-344-8033


Lab 1L-L04 is for support of electromechanical assembly and prototyping of beamline equipment.The laboratory will be used for mechanical assembly using hand tools and portable electric tools. These parts may need cleaning using Kim wipes and solvent to remove machining oils.

The laboratory may also be utilized to prepare samples, inspect samples with a microscope, and test electromechanical devices utilized on the sample. Preparation of samples include cleaving; mounting/gluing with silver paint/epoxy, carbon paint, torr seal, wax, Quick Stick (and similar nontoxic resins and waxes); spot-welding; dissolving paint/epoxy/wax/carbon tape; rinsing/ultrasonication of appropriate samples and associated hardware.

Specialty equipment includes a tabletop sputtering unit, a nitrogen glovebox with a -18C refrigerator, a SEM unit and spot welder.

1L-L09 Battery & Condensed Matter Lab

Managed by Diffraction & In-situ Scattering program (XPD, PDF, ISR, HEX)

Lab 1L-L09 is designed for operations and General User support primarily for the XPD, PDF, ESM, CSX-1, CSX-2 beamlines. This is a shared space that includes miscellaneous manipulation and mounting tools for powder and/or single crystal samples, General sample prep. and sample mounting. Resources from the lab include; glassware, analytical scales and other quantitative techniques, pH meters, hot plate, centrifuge, general solvents, acids, ultrasonic bath, microscopes.

In addition, the lab supports assembling and testing batteries and electrochemical cells and soldering.

1L-L10 Infrared Lab

Lab 1LL10 is designed for optical measurements not requiring high spectral radiance for sample dimensions approaching the diffraction-limit. The facilities for optical spectroscopy currently consist of: Bruker IFS 113v Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer; Bruker Vertex 80v FTIR spectrometer with external sample chamber; Bruker Vertex 80v spectrometer with a Hyperion 3000 infrared microscope, equipped with single element MCT and focal-plane-array detectors, for micro-spectroscopy and imaging. The Bruker 113v is a Genzel-type interferometer that is optimized for the far-infrared and THz regions (1 meV to 1 eV); the Vertex 80v is a modern FTIR spectrometer that is a modified Michelson design with a dynamically stabilized scanner, allowing interferometry from about 3 meV to nearly 6 eV. Reflectivity units have been custom-built for both spectrometers, allowing a compact flow cryostat to attach directly to the side of the spectrometer; optical windows separate the rough instrument vacuum from the high vacuum maintained in the cryostat. Coaxial transfer lines allow a range of temperatures from about 6 to over 400 K to be examined.

LOB 3 (3L)

3L-L01 Imaging and Microscopy Lab 631-344-6094 Randy Smith 631-344-8033
3L-L05A Cryo-imaging Prep Lab 631-344-3540 Randy Smith 631-344-8033
3L-L05B Substrate Preparation Lab 631-344-2922 Christine Ali 631-344-3197
3L-L06 Spectroscopy Prep Lab 631-344-6090 Syed Khalid 631-344-7496
3L-L07 Environmental Sciences Lab 631-344-4535 Randy Smith 631-344-8033
3L-L08 Mesoscale Imaging Lab 631-344-3719 Randy Smith 631-344-8033
3L-L09 Sample Prep Lab 631-344-3176 Syed Khalid 631-344-7496

3L-L01 Imaging and Microscopy Lab

Lab 3L-L01 is used for basic sample preparation and mounting for users of the HXN, SRX, XFM, and FXI beamlines. The lab has sample manipulation and mounting tools such as tweezers, cutters, double-sided tape, Kapton film, and ultralene film. It is also equipped with a Leica SD optical microscope w/ digital camera for sample inspection, a HEPA laminar flow hood for clean sample prep, a refrigerator for sample storage, and a vacuum oven for sample drying.

Lab 3-LL01 has designated user sample prep space for each of the 4 beamlines in the center of the lab and shared workspace around the perimeter.

3L-L05A Cryo-imaging Prep Lab

The Lab is equipped to support cryogenic sample prep of heterogeneous hydrated samples, including freezing samples (plunge freezer), transferring frozen samples, manipulating frozen samples (cyro-ultra-microtome), and eventually documenting frozen sample (cryo-visible microscopy). Lab activities also include hardware assembly and testing. Equipment list: Leica EM GP plunge freezer, Leica Artos 3D serial sectioning ultramicrotome, and Leica EM FC7 cryo attachment for Artos.

3L-L05B Substrate Preparation Lab

The design and purpose of lab 3LL05B lab space is to provide Users with the means to dip or etch their samples in HF in order to clean the sample surface, just before the samples are loaded into a beamline endstation for an experiment. This lab provides the capability to do so in a safe manner. The lab is equipped with a LabConco Protector PVC Acid Digestion Hood to handle the HF acid, acid storage cabinet and the required Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for safe handling of any work performed here.

3L-L06 Spectroscopy Prep Lab

3LL06 is a sample preparation laboratory, primarily used by the Hard X-ray Scattering and Spectroscopy program. The lab space is used for drying, weighing, mixing, grinding, and preparing pelletized samples.

The available bench space has four workstations, each including a balance, a press, 13 mm die, mortar, and pestle. Additional dies are available in the following sizes: 3, 5, & 10 mm; 1, 1.5-inch diameter. A standalone Ultra Low Particulate Air (ULPA)-filtered nano hood is available for manipulation of dry nanomaterials and nanomaterials in aqueous solutions. Temperature-sensitive samples can be stored in the available refrigerator/freezer.

Furthermore, there is a Wig-L-Bug sample grinder, an oven (up to 200 C), a mylar bag heat sealer, a soldering station, and a low magnification optical microscope. There is a sample binding material (BN, zeolite etc) bin and general organic cleaning solvents. Generation and disposal of hazardous chemical waste requires additional training. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is provided for safe handling of any work done in the lab.

3L-L07 Environmental Sciences Lab

Managed by Imaging and Microscopy program (HXN, SRX, FXI, XFM)

The principle purpose of Lab 3L-L07 is wet chemistry. It is configured for environmental work with trace elements, toxic metals, and hazardous substances. As such, additional PPE (personal protection equipment) requirements may be required. Equipment available to users includes: 18.2 MegaOhm water source, glove box with dry nitrogen (N2) atmosphere*, orbital shaker, sample oven, analytical balance, high-capacity balance, digital pipettes, tabletop centrifuge, USDA standard sieves, pH electrodes and meters, sonicators, desiccators, freeze-drier*, vortexer, Leica stereomicroscope with digital camera, computer with internet access, fluorescent light bank for plant cultivation, cell culture hood, refrigerator*, circulator bath, hot/stir plates, lab glassware, lab jacks/stands and consumables (e.g., basic chemicals & reagents, LN2, gloves, goggles, Kimwipes, etc.). Reagent and LN2 use requires training.

3L-L08 Mesoscale Imaging Lab

Managed by Imaging and Microscopy program (HXN, SRX, FXI, XFM)

The primary capabilities for Lab 3L-L08 include (1) sample preparation and (3) visible microscopy characterization for imaging and (3) a mammalian cell culture facility. For sample preparation, the lab is equipped with two Leica microtomes* (ambient and low temperature) and a Leica plunge freezer*.

For visible microscopy characterization the lab has two upright stereo microscopes: a Nikon Eclipse microscope with bright-field transmission, epifluorescence, and dark field viewing modes, digital camera, and motorized stage; and an Olympus BX51 with bright-field & epifluorescence viewing modes and a digital camera.

For mammalian cell culture*, the lab is equipped with a cell culture hood, incubator, autoclave, -80 freezer, LN2 storage dewar, and cytospin. *Requires training.

3L-L09Sample Preparation Lab

3LL09 is primarily used by the Hard Xray Scattering and Spectroscopy program. The lab space is used for Powder sample manipulation, preparation, and characterization (grinding, mills, weighing, encapsulating, heating, cooling), liquid sample preparation and cleaning of sample mounts, glassware, etc. using water and organic solvents.

Work on nonaqueous solutions of nanomaterial must be conducted in the HEPA-filtered fume hood. The Argon filled glove box is for battery and other air/moisture sensitive materials (use of the glovebox requires additional training and a request must be made in a SAF).

The lab space is equipped with a balance, 12-ton hydraulic press, mortar & pestle,13 mm die, an oven (up to 400 C), a vacuum oven (up to 200 C), tabletop centrifuge, ultrasonic cleaner, desiccators, hot plate with stirrer, pH meter, low magnification optical microscope, and de-ionized water filtration system. Generation and disposal of hazardous chemical waste requires additional training. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is provided for safe handling of any work done here.

LOB 4 (4L)

4L-L04 Soft Matter Assembly & Prototyping Lab 631-344-6347 Lutz Wiegart 631-344-8064
4L-L08 Soft Matter Chem Lab 631-344-6341/6342 Christine Ali 631-344-3197
4L-L09 Electrochemical Sample Prep Lab 631-344-6092 Christine Ali 631-344-3197

4L-L04 Soft Matter Assembly & Prototyping Lab for CHX, IXS, SMI, SST-1 & CMS

This laboratory is designed for the assembly, setup, and testing of sample environmental chambers and ancillary equipment, inspection and non-x-ray characterization of samples, and commissioning of beamline equipment. Electronic prototyping and assembly may be performed, involving small low voltage electronic circuits, as well as ultra-high vacuum equipment testing.

Some equipment listed for use in the lab space is as follows: Carbon Dioxide snow jet cleaner, Nikon Microscope, temperature-controlled oven, and a movable snorkel exhaust. Class 2 lasers may be brought in as needed. Solvents may be used in small quantities.

4L-L08 Soft Matter Chemistry Lab for CHX, IXS, SMI, SST-1, & CMS

Laboratory 4LL08 is a multi-purpose chemistry lab available for use by trained staff members, their collaborators, and NSLS-II users involved in soft matter research. The lab is set up for chemistry related sample preparation and characterization using both aqueous and organic solutions. Sample cleaning via organic solvents, Hydrochloric and Nitric acid, and piranha etch solutions may be performed following defined work instructions.

Some equipment available in the lab are two HEPA filtered fume hoods, a compact muffle furnace (1100◦C), a G3P-8 spin coating system, a nitrogen-gas glove box, and a vacuum oven. The laboratory is equipped with balances, vortex mixer, a Millipore Milli-Q water purification system, pH meters, stirrer/hot plates, centrifuge, ultrasonic bath, stereo microscope, refrigerator/freezer, ice maker, pipettes, glassware and general laboratory consumables including common solvents. Solvents and acids are provided to avoid the complications associated with DOT shipping regulations.

4L-L09 Electrochemical Sample Prep Lab

4LL09 is associated with the Imaging and Microscopy Program, but also frequently used by other beamlines at NSLS-II. The laboratory is equipped with two double-sized glove boxes. The system 1 glovebox is a carbon-free environment, suitable for work involving e.g., molten salts, jointly supported by MSEE EFRC. The system 2 glovebox is a general-purpose glovebox for e.g., battery and catalysis work; it has an integrated oven (up to 600 degree C) and equipped with a semi-automatic coin cell assembling press.

The laboratory is also equipped with additional equipment: a potentiostat, balance, a vacuum oven, ultrasonic cleaner, hot plate with stirrer, pH meter, low magnification optical microscope, de-ionized water, and a refrigerator/freezer. If trained, users can dispose hazardous chemical waste in this lab. It has a HEPA filtered hood, cabinets to store acids and flammable chemicals. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is provided for safe handling of any work done here.

LOB 5 (5L)

5L-L06 Structural Biology Lab 631-344-6351/6352 Christine Ali 631-344-3197
5L-L07 Cryo-EM Sample Prep Lab 631-344-6359 Guobin Hu 631-344-7915
5L-L08 Assembly & Prototyping Lab - FXI & XFP 631-344-6358 Mike Sullivan 631-344-3800
5L-L10 Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry Lab 631-344-4292 Christine Ali 631-344-3197

5L-L06 Structural Biology Lab for LiX, FMX, AMX, NYX & XFP

Lab 5L-L06 is for protein crystallization and biological sample preparation.

The laboratory is equipped with balances, vortex, Millipore Milli-Q water purification systems, pH meters, stirrer/hot plate, rocker, UV/VIS spectrophotometer, microcentrifuge, air-driven ultracentrifuge, sonic dismembrator, ultrasonic cleaner, stereo microscope, refrigerator/freezer, fume hood, pipettes, glassware and general laboratory consumables.

Some common chemicals and acids/bases such as sodium chloride and hydrochloric acid are stored. Vapor diffusion (15 well) and microbatch (96 well) plates are also available. More specialized equipment, requiring additional equipment and technique training, includes a high-speed centrifuge, low pressure protein purification system, isocratic HPLC system, speed vac, and protein electrophoresis system are available.

For very small protein volumes (<5 µL per drop) there is a Labcyte ECHO system (acoustic droplet ejection system). The Labcyte ECHO system can also be used to set up plates automatically and go to larger volumes (>5 µL). There are incubators to control the environment in which crystals grow and microscopes with cameras to check plates and to capture images. Additional capabilities include nanodrop and a cold room for temperature sensitive work.

5L-L07 Cryo-EM Sample Prep Lab

Lab 5L-L07 is designed for Cryo-Electron Microscopy (EM) sample preparation. The laboratory is equipped with a carbon coater to deposit carbon film on an EM grid, a glow discharger to render carbon film to be hydrophilic, a Vitrobot to freeze cryo-samples, and a cryo-holder pumping station to warm up and dry the cryo-holder. There is a refrigerator for temporary sample storage, pipettes to prepare and apply samples to EM grids, and a cryo-tank to store cryo-samples.

5L-L08 Assembly & Prototyping Lab for FXI & XFP

Lab 5L-L08 is for beamline staff and users of FXI and XFP. It is intended for activities such as sample mounting, set up and testing of experimental apparatuses, assembly of small parts, and testing of beamline components. Solvents may be used in small quantities, and a soldering station is also available. A small oven, battery cycler, and a SPI sputter coater system are available for use.

5L-L10 Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry Lab

Lab 5L-L10 is intended for biological sample preparation for life sciences applications, including work with materials classified as biohazards at biosafety levels 1 and 2.

The laboratory is outfitted with a biosafety cabinet (Labconco Purifier Cell Logic+ B2 biosafety cabinet), benchtop autoclave, incubator/shakers, floor centrifuge, Millipore MilliQ water purification system, a chemical fume hood, -80 freezer, and -20 freezer/refrigerator. A variety of benchtop equipment including pH meters, microcentrifuges, pipettes, vortexers, balances, as well as general laboratory consumables and glassware are also available.