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Safety and Training

Ensuring Safe, Environmentally Friendly Experiments at NSLS-II

As one of the newest, most advanced synchrotron light sources in the world, NSLS-II enables its growing research community to study materials with nanoscale resolution and exquisite sensitivity by providing cutting-edge capabilities. Working at the forefront of science requires not only expertise but also attention to detail and a strong safety culture. This is built on ensuring potential hazards are identified and controls are established to protect workers, users, visitors, and the environment.

Our Environment, Safety, and Health Group (ES&H) specializes in helping you identify and mitigate any potential hazards. They provide guidance and assistance to all researchers that come to NSLS-II to run their experiments safely and efficiently. Additionally, they oversee the development, assignment, and attendance for all NSLS-II staff and user training courses.

EMERGENCY? Call Ext. 2222 or 911 from a lab phone. If using a cell phone or off-site, call (631) 344-2222. For further details on emergency responses at Brookhaven Lab, see Brookhaven Lab Emergency Response

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Find Your Training

All visiting researchers that come to NSLS-II for their experiments need to complete a basic set of training prior to their beam time. The number of required training courses is different for on-site users and remote users. Detailed information about the required trainings and how to complete them can be found in the NSLS-II User Guide.

Submit a Safety Approval Form

All experiments require an approved Safety Approval Form (SAF) prior to beam time. ES&H staff review this form for experimental hazards (including electrical safety) and ensure controls are in place to minimize impacts to the user, staff, and the environment. Details about SAFs can be found in the NSLS-II User Guide. To ensure sufficient time for review, submit your SAF at least 3 weeks prior to beam time.

Request Use of a Laboratory

NSLS-II beamlines have dedicated laboratory space for sample preparation and storage. General user access to support labs is available through the Safety Approval Form (SAF) process in the Proposal Allocation, Safety, and Scheduling (PASS) system. Refer to the User Laboratory Guide for information about the laboratory and to contact the assigned Cognizant Space Manager (CSM).