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QCD in Finite Temperature and Heavy-Ion Collisions


The physics of many body systems such as QCD at nonzero temperature, T, and quark chemical potential, µ, is a challenging theoretical problem, of direct relevance to systems from heavy ion collisions to neutron stars.

If the temperature T and/or µ are sufficiently high, then perturbative methods can be used, although typically it is necessary to develop methods of resummation to handle infrared divergences.

In the past few years perturbative computations have proceeded apace, including re- summation of Hard Thermal Loops at Next-to-Next-to Leading order, and computations of energy loss and photon production at Next-to Leading order. These computations are essential in order to make contact to heavy ion experiments.

There has also been important input from numerical simulations of Lattice QCD, and also from the AdS/CFT correspondence. Lattice QCD gives us a bedrock on which to understand thermodynamics at T ≠ 0 and small µ in thermal equilibrium. Computing quantities near equilibrium is much more challenging. The AdS/CFT correspondence gives us precise results at strong coupling in related theories, especially the most supersymmetric gauge theory in four dimensions.

The purpose of this workshop will be to gather experts in each field, to identify open theoretical issues and opportunities, and to share ideas on future directions. In contrast to the Quark Matter 2017 Conference (being held in Chicago the previous week), the talks will be longer and focused on specific theoretical issues. The physics covered will include:

  • Jet quenching and energy loss of high energy probes
  • Heavy quark transports and heavy quarkonia
  • Electromagnetic probes and chiral magnetic effect
  • Thermalization and turbulence
  • QCD critical point

Evening Events

Participants are invited to attend the off-site, no-host (self-pay) dinners on Monday, February 13 and Tuesday, February 14. Location, time and cost to be determined.

Payment will be "cash only" and will be collected by the organizers during the workshop.

Workshop Organizers

  • Yoshimasa Hidaka (RIKEN)
  • Peter Petreczky (BNL)
  • Robert Pisarski (BNL)
  • Derek Teaney (SBU)
  • Ho-Ung Yee (U. of IL, Chicago & RBRC)


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Last Modified: October 29, 2021