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Saturation: Recent Developments, New Ideas and Measurements


The focus of this workshop is to discuss all aspects of gluon saturation, encompassing theoretical advances, phenomenological studies, experimental status, and future prospects at current and planned facilities.

In recent years, major advances have been made in our understanding of the small x physics and gluon saturation. Extensive theoretical research has led to a significant development in such fields as: gluon correlations in the Colored Glass Condensate and Glasma; low x evolution beyond leading order; hadron production at NLO and forward physics in dA/pA; first analytical results on saturation corrections for nucleus-nucleus collisions; the helicity evolution towards small x and theoretical understanding of the proton spin; hadron wave function at small x and fluctuations of multiplicity; TMD evolution from small to moderate x; the structure of chromo-magnetic fields and topological transitions in the Glasma; and thermalization from first principles of QCD.

An active study of these theoretical puzzles induced parallel research directions into many phenomenological issues including di-photon and di-hadron correlations, heavy meson production in dA/pA, initial azimuthal anisotropy and long range correlations (the so-called ridge), the non-equilibrium chiral magnetic effect, etc. At the same time, there are many striking experimental results obtained recently that are to be explained. For example, measurements in collisions of small systems at RHIC and LHC showed that the emerging pattern of the long-range azimuthal correlations is similar to the one in AA collisions. During the workshop, we plan to give a considerable amount of time to cover these problems.

A major goal of the workshop is to discuss theory, phenomenology and experimental issues in the context of the future facility — the Electron Ion Collider (EIC). This high precision experiment will give us the possibility to study nuclear matter at high energy and reveal saturation effects with a high level of accuracy. We see the workshop as a great opportunity to gather world-leading experts to discuss these issues and explore, in greater depth, the prospects for studies of saturation at the EIC.

Specific topics we plan to address include:

  • Small x evolution and hadron production in NLO
  • Spin at small x
  • TMD evolution
  • Small-x physics in e+p and e+A DIS
  • Heavy meson production in pA
  • Topological transitions and thermalization in the early stages


Presentations will be mainly by invitation. We expect to be able to accommodate a limited number of contributed talks. If you are interested in presenting a contributed talk, please contact one of the workshop coordinators directly.

Workshop Organizers

  • Tuomas Lappi (U. Jyvaskyla)
  • Vladimir Skokov (RBRC)
  • Andrey Tarasov (BNL)
  • Thomas Ullrich (BNL/Yale U)


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Last Modified: October 29, 2021