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Erick Hunt, Director of Strategic Partnership Programs at Brookhaven National Laboratory

The goal of the Strategic Partnerships Program office at Brookhaven National Laboratory is to facilitate connections between the Laboratory and various entities in industry, government, and academia. Our office has four mechanisms to increase partnerships: contract partnerships, licensing technologies, technology transfer, and small business collaborations. We use these mechanisms to bridge the gap between the Laboratory and society.

The Lab can provide expertise and cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to revolutionize life as we know it. Brookhaven Lab has experts and makes innovations in fields such as energy, environmental science, data science, medicine, and nuclear science and technology.  Partnerships with the Laboratory are targeted at technological advancement and societal progression, and our efforts to share the innovative spirit of our scientists and researchers are an integral part of the Laboratory.

To learn more about the Office of Strategic Partnerships, visit bnl.gov/techtransfer. Stay tuned for more posts about our office and events to come.

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