Accelerating Innovation: Dan Lloyd from Accelerate Long Island Visits Brookhaven National Laboratory

Photo of Dan Lloyd

Dan Lloyd

On July 12, 2023, Dan Lloyd, President of Minority Millennials and Program Director of Accelerate Long Island (ALI), embarked on a visit and tour at Brookhaven National Laboratory, marking a significant milestone in the Laboratory's commitment to driving growth for high-technology startups on Long Island.

Erick J. Hunt, the Director of the Office of Research Partnerships and Technology Transfer, extended a warm welcome to Dan, emphasizing the laboratory's commitment to fostering innovation and creating opportunities for startups on Long Island.

Joining Erick was David Manning, the Director of Stakeholder Relations, demonstrating the importance placed on fostering connections and creating a thriving ecosystem that supports startup growth.

The tour was expertly organized and coordinated by Kristyn Noren, the Senior Protocol Officer at Brookhaven Lab, ensuring that Dan had a comprehensive and immersive experience.

Dan Lloyd's visit to Brookhaven National Laboratory provided an exceptional opportunity to explore synergies between ALI and the laboratory, bridging the gap between research and entrepreneurship to drive innovation.

During the visit, Dan Lloyd met with Noel Blackburn, Chief Diversity Officer, and Steven Cannella, Manager of Campus Development, gaining insights into diversity and campus development initiatives at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Dan also had the opportunity to meet with Vanessa Miller, the Deputy Director of the Office of Research Partnerships and Technology Transfer, and Poorni Upadhya, Manager of Technology Transfer and Commercialization, displaying the integral role partnerships and technology transfer play in the development of research ideas into practical solutions. He also toured cutting-edge facilities like the National Synchrotron Light Source II and the Center for Functional Nanomaterials.

Dan Lloyd's visit and tour at Brookhaven Laboratory showcased the dedication of both ALI and the laboratory towards accelerating regional growth and fostering innovation. The collaboration between ALI and Brookhaven Laboratory exemplifies the potential for creating impactful partnerships that drive innovation, commercialize research, and shape the future of the Long Island entrepreneurial community.

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